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angularjsHow do I use Angular to zip files?

Angular is a JavaScript framework used to build web applications. It can be used to zip files by using the JavaScript library JSZip. The following example code shows how to use JSZip to zip a file in Angular:

// Create a new instance of JSZip
let zip = new JSZip();

// Add a file to the zip
zip.file("hello.txt", "Hello World");

// Generate the zip file
let zipFile = zip.generateAsync({ type: "blob" });

// Create a download link
let downloadLink = document.createElement("a");
downloadLink.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(zipFile);
downloadLink.download = "example.zip";

This code creates a new instance of JSZip, adds a file called hello.txt with the content Hello World to the zip, generates the zip file as a blob, and creates a download link for the zip file.

Code explanation

  • let zip = new JSZip();: creates a new instance of JSZip
  • zip.file("hello.txt", "Hello World");: adds a file to the zip
  • let zipFile = zip.generateAsync({ type: "blob" });: generates the zip file
  • let downloadLink = document.createElement("a");: creates a download link element
  • downloadLink.href = window.URL.createObjectURL(zipFile);: sets the download link href to the zip file
  • downloadLink.download = "example.zip";: sets the download link file name
  • downloadLink.click();: triggers the download of the zip file

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