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backbone.jsHow can I use Backbone.js to update a view when a model changes?

Backbone.js provides an event-based system for updating views when a model changes. To use this system, you must first create a model and view.

To create a model, you can use the Backbone.Model constructor. For example:

var MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
  defaults: {
    text: 'Hello World'

To create a view, you can use the Backbone.View constructor. For example:

var MyView = Backbone.View.extend({
  initialize: function() {
    this.listenTo(this.model, 'change', this.render);
  render: function() {

This view will listen to changes on the model and call the render function whenever the model changes. To create an instance of the view, you can do something like this:

var myModel = new MyModel();
var myView = new MyView({ model: myModel });

Now, whenever the model changes, the view will update. For example, if you run the following code:

myModel.set('text', 'Goodbye World');

The view will be updated with the new value of text.

Parts and Explanation

  1. Backbone.Model constructor - used to create a model.
  2. Backbone.View constructor - used to create a view.
  3. listenTo - used to listen for changes on the model.
  4. render - the function to call when the model changes.
  5. this.model.get('text') - used to get the value of text from the model.
  6. myModel.set('text', 'Goodbye World') - used to set the value of text on the model.

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