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backbone.jsHow do I access the Backbone.js documentation?

The Backbone.js documentation can be accessed in several ways.

  1. The official documentation can be found on the Backbone.js website backbonejs.org.
  2. The official documentation can also be found on GitHub backbone/backbone.
  3. The official documentation can be read online on the Backbone.js website backbonejs.org/docs/backbone.html.
  4. The official documentation can be read offline in a PDF format, which can be downloaded from the Backbone.js website backbonejs.org/docs/backbone.pdf.

For example, to access the Backbone.js documentation on the Backbone.js website, you can go to the following URL:


This will open the Backbone.js documentation page, which contains information about the core Backbone.js library, as well as detailed examples and tutorials.

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