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backbone.jsHow do I create a controller in Backbone.js?

Creating a controller in Backbone.js is done by extending the Backbone.Router object.

An example of a controller with a single route is as follows:

var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({
    routes: {
        "": "home"
    home: function(){
        console.log("home route");

var app_router = new AppRouter();

This code will output home route when the application is run.

Code explanation

  • var AppRouter = Backbone.Router.extend({: This line creates a new router object and extends the Backbone.Router object.

  • routes: { "": "home" },: This line defines a single route, which is the home route.

  • home: function(){ console.log("home route"); }: This line defines the callback function for the home route, which logs home route to the console.

  • var app_router = new AppRouter();: This line creates a new instance of the AppRouter object.

  • Backbone.history.start();: This line starts the routers history.

For more information on creating controllers in Backbone.js, see the Backbone.js documentation.

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