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backbone.jsHow do I implement a file upload using Backbone.js?

To implement a file upload using Backbone.js, you can use the Backbone.Forms library. This library provides a Backbone-based form framework which allows you to easily create forms with file uploads.

The following example code shows how to use Backbone.Forms to create a form with a file upload field:

var form = new Backbone.Form({
  model: myModel

  name: 'file',
  type: 'file'


The type: 'file' option is what tells Backbone.Forms to render a file upload field. Once the form is rendered, you can then use the onSubmit() method to handle the file upload:

form.onSubmit = function(ev) {
  // Handle file upload here

You can also add additional fields to the form, such as text fields, to capture additional data associated with the file upload.

For more information, see the Backbone.Forms documentation.

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