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backbone.jsHow do I update a model in Backbone.js?

Updating a model in Backbone.js is done by using the set() method. This method takes an object with the new model attributes as an argument. The following example code sets the name attribute of a model to 'John Doe':

var myModel = new Backbone.Model({
  name: 'Jane Doe'

myModel.set({name: 'John Doe'});

The set() method triggers a change event, which can be used to update the view associated with the model. The following example code logs the new name attribute when the change event is triggered:

myModel.on('change', function() {

// Output: John Doe

The set() method can also take an options object as an additional argument. The options object can contain a silent property, which if set to true will prevent the change event from being triggered.

The set() method also takes a validate property, which can be used to validate the new attributes before they are set on the model. If the validate property is set to true, the validate() method of the model will be called before the attributes are set.

For more information, see the Backbone.js documentation.

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