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c#How to retrieve numeric fibonacci list up to 10

List<long> Fib = new List<long>(); Enumerable.Range(0,10).ToList().ForEach(n => (Fib).Add(n <= 1 ? 1 : Fib[n-2] + Fib[n-1]));ctrl + c
new List<long>();

create an empty list of large integers


get an enumerable list populated with integers from 0 to 10


convert the enumerable list to a standard list


apply a specific arrow function for each and every one item in the list

n => (Fib).Add

arrow function used to add an item n to enumerable list Fib based on a condition for every one item in the list

n <= 1 ? 1 : Fib[n-2] + Fib[n-1]

check if n less or equal to 1 then return 1, if n is larger then return addition of elements [n-2] and [n-1] in Fib list for every n