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cli-sedHow do I use a golf club with the command line interface (CLI) sed program?

The sed command line interface (CLI) program is a powerful text-processing utility that can be used to manipulate text files. It can be used to search and replace text, delete lines, and extract text from files.

To use sed to manipulate a golf club file, the following command can be used:

sed 's/golf/club/g' golf.txt

This command will search for the word golf in the file golf.txt and replace it with club.

The following parts are included in the command above:

  • sed - the command line program used to manipulate text
  • s/golf/club/g - the search and replace command, where golf is the text to be searched for and club is the text to be replaced
  • golf.txt - the file that will be manipulated

The output of the command above will be the contents of golf.txt with all occurrences of golf replaced with club.

For more information on the sed command, please see the following links:

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