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cli-sedHow do I use the command line to edit text using sed?

The sed command is a powerful tool for editing text in the command line. It works by applying a set of instructions, called a script, to a text file or stream. The following example shows how to use sed to replace all instances of the word "cat" with the word "dog" in a text file called example.txt:

sed 's/cat/dog/g' example.txt

This command will output the contents of example.txt, with all instances of "cat" replaced by "dog".

The sed command is made up of several parts:

  • s: This is the command to substitute a string for another.
  • /cat/: This is the string to be replaced.
  • /dog/: This is the string to replace it with.
  • g: This is an optional flag that tells sed to replace all instances of the string, rather than just the first one.

In addition to substitution, sed can be used to delete lines, insert text, and perform other types of text manipulation. For more information, see the following links:

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