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cli-tarHow can I use gzip to compress a file without using tar?

Gzip is a file format used for file compression and decompression. It can be used to compress a single file without using tar. To do so, the gzip command can be used. For example, to compress a file named file.txt the following command can be used:

gzip file.txt

This will create a new file named file.txt.gz containing the compressed version of the original file. The original file will remain unchanged.

The following command can be used to decompress the compressed file:

gunzip file.txt.gz

This will create a new file named file.txt containing the decompressed version of the original file.

The parts of the command are as follows:

  • gzip: the command to compress a file
  • file.txt: the name of the file to be compressed
  • gunzip: the command to decompress a file
  • file.txt.gz: the name of the compressed file

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