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elasticsearchHow can I find the documentation for Elasticsearch?

The official documentation for Elasticsearch can be found on the Elasticsearch website.

The documentation is broken down into several sections, including:

  • Getting Started: This section covers the basics of getting started with Elasticsearch, including installation, configuration, and usage.

  • Core Concepts: This section covers the core concepts of Elasticsearch, such as indices, nodes, shards, and replicas.

  • API Reference: This section provides detailed information about the various APIs available for Elasticsearch, including the Query DSL, Aggregations, and Mapping.

  • Tutorials: This section provides step-by-step tutorials for using Elasticsearch, including creating and configuring indices, ingesting data, and querying data.

  • Examples: This section provides examples of common tasks that can be accomplished with Elasticsearch, such as searching, aggregations, and indexing.

Here is an example of how to create an index in Elasticsearch using the API:

curl -X PUT "localhost:9200/my_index"

This command will create an index called my_index on the localhost.

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