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elasticsearchHow can I set up and use Elasticsearch on the Yandex Cloud platform?

  1. Create a Yandex Cloud account and log in to the Yandex Cloud Console.

  2. Create a virtual machine instance with the latest version of Elasticsearch.

  3. Connect to the instance via SSH and install the Elasticsearch package using the command sudo apt-get install elasticsearch.

  4. Configure the Elasticsearch instance by editing the /etc/elasticsearch/elasticsearch.yml file.

  5. Start the Elasticsearch instance with the command sudo service elasticsearch start.

  6. Verify that the Elasticsearch instance is running by sending a simple API request to the server with curl http://localhost:9200.

  7. You should see a response similar to this: {"name":"instance_name","cluster_name":"elasticsearch","cluster_uuid":"cluster_uuid","version":{"number":"6.2.4","build_hash":"ccec39f","build_date":"2018-04-12T20:37:28.497551Z","build_snapshot":false,"lucene_version":"7.2.1","minimum_wire_compatibility_version":"5.6.0","minimum_index_compatibility_version":"5.0.0"},"tagline":"You Know, for Search"}

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