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elasticsearchHow do I retrieve an index from Elasticsearch?

Retrieving an index from Elasticsearch can be done using the get index API. This API allows you to retrieve the mapping, settings, and index aliases for one or more indices.

Example code

GET /my_index

This request will return the mappings, settings, and index aliases for the my_index index.

The response will contain the following parts:

  1. acknowledged - a boolean indicating if the request was successful
  2. index - the name of the index
  3. mappings - the mappings for the index
  4. settings - the settings for the index
  5. aliases - the aliases for the index
    "acknowledged": true,
    "index": "my_index",
    "mappings": {...},
    "settings": {...},
    "aliases": {...}

For more information, see the Elasticsearch documentation.

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