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elasticsearchHow do I use an elasticsearch query builder?

An Elasticsearch query builder is a tool that enables you to construct queries for Elasticsearch. It simplifies the process of creating and running Elasticsearch queries.

For example, the following code block uses the Elasticsearch Query DSL to query for documents with the title "Elasticsearch Query Builder":

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "match": {
      "title": "Elasticsearch Query Builder"

This query will return all documents that contain the phrase "Elasticsearch Query Builder" in the title field.

The code block consists of the following parts:

  • GET /_search: This is the request method and the endpoint for the query.
  • query: This is the Elasticsearch query object.
  • match: This is the query type, which in this case is a match query.
  • title: This is the field that is being queried.
  • Elasticsearch Query Builder: This is the query string.

Here are some useful links for learning more about Elasticsearch Query Builder:

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