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elasticsearchHow do I use an Elasticsearch term query?

A term query in Elasticsearch is used to search for a single term within a specific field. It is used to find exact matches of the specified term, and it is one of the most basic and commonly used queries.

Here is an example of a term query:

GET /_search
  "query": {
    "term": {
      "name": "John"

The output of the above query will be a list of documents that contain the exact term "John" in the field "name".

Code explanation

  • GET /_search: This is the HTTP request to the Elasticsearch server to execute a search query.
  • query: This is the keyword used to specify the query to be executed.
  • term: This is the keyword used to specify that a term query is to be executed.
  • name: This is the field in which the specified term is to be searched.
  • John: This is the term that is to be searched for.

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