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golangUsing FOR loop in Go

Please note:

  • The totals shown here are for demonstrative purposes only and are not necessary for the loop to function.
  • i := 0; is only executed before the loop starts.
  • i < 10; is executed before each loop (to check that the condition is being met.)
  • i++ is executed at the end of each loop.
total := 0
i_total := 0
for i := 0; i < 10; i++ {
    total += 1
    i_total += i
fmt.Println(itotal)ctrl + c
total := 0

define the loop total (optional)

i_total := 0

define the cumulative total (optional)


open the definition of the loop

i := 0;

define the variable (i) that will be looped over (does not have to be 0)

i < 10;

define the condition the loop will run on (could be <=, >, or >=)


define how much to increment i on each run of the loop


close the definition of the loop, start the logic within it

total += 1

increment the loop total by one (optional)

i_total += i

add the current i to the cumulative total (optional)


print the loop total, which is 10 (optional)


print the cumulative total, which is 45 (optional)