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google-big-queryHow can I create a histogram in Google BigQuery?

Creating a histogram in Google BigQuery is easy and straightforward. The following example code will generate a histogram of the number of users per age group:

SELECT age_group, COUNT(*) AS num_users
FROM `users_table`
GROUP BY age_group
ORDER BY age_group ASC

This will generate the following output:

age_group  num_users
18-25        15
26-35        20
36-45        12
46-55        7
56-65        5

The code for creating a histogram consists of the following parts:

  1. SELECT - This specifies the columns that will be used in the histogram. In this example, the age_group column is used.
  2. FROM - This specifies the table from which the data will be taken. In this example, it is the users_table.
  3. GROUP BY - This specifies how the data will be grouped. In this example, it is grouped by age_group.
  4. ORDER BY - This specifies the order in which the data will be sorted. In this example, it is sorted by age_group in ascending order.

For more information on creating histograms in Google BigQuery, you can refer to the following links:

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