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google-big-queryHow can I use Google Big Query to integrate with Zephyr?

Google Big Query is a cloud-based data warehouse that can be used to integrate data from multiple sources, including Zephyr. To use Big Query to integrate with Zephyr, you need to first create a dataset in the Big Query console. After the dataset is created, you can use the Big Query command-line tool, bq, to upload data from Zephyr into the dataset.

The following example code shows how to use the bq command to upload data from a CSV file stored in Zephyr into a Big Query dataset:

bq load --source_format=CSV <dataset_name>.<table_name> <csv_file_path>

This command will upload the CSV file stored in Zephyr into the specified dataset and table in Big Query.

The following list explains the parts of the command:

  • bq load: This is the command to upload data into Big Query.
  • --source_format=CSV: This flag indicates the source data format is in CSV.
  • <dataset_name>.<table_name>: This is the dataset and table name in Big Query where the data will be uploaded.
  • <csv_file_path>: This is the path of the CSV file stored in Zephyr.

Once the data is uploaded, you can use SQL queries to analyze and process the data in Big Query.

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