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javascript-d3How do I use d3.js to enable zooming and panning in my web application?

Using d3.js to enable zooming and panning in a web application is quite easy. The following example code block shows how to do it:

// set up zoom behaviour
var zoom = d3.zoom()
  .scaleExtent([1, 8])
  .on("zoom", zoomed);

// call the zoom behaviour on the svg element

// define the zoomed function
function zoomed() {
  // apply the transform to the elements
  g.attr("transform", d3.event.transform);

This code block will enable zooming and panning on an SVG element. The scaleExtent function defines the range of zoom levels that are allowed. The zoomed function defines the action that should be taken when the user zooms or pans. In this example, the transform attribute of the g element is set to the current transform.

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