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javascript-lodashHow can I check for undefined values in JavaScript using Lodash?

The Lodash library provides a convenient way to check for undefined values in JavaScript. To do this, you can use the _.isUndefined() method. This method takes a single argument, which is the value to be checked, and returns a boolean value indicating whether the value is undefined.

For example:

const myValue = undefined;
const isUndefined = _.isUndefined(myValue);
console.log(isUndefined); // true

Output example


The code above uses the _.isUndefined() method to check the value of the myValue variable. Since the variable is set to undefined, the method returns true, indicating that the value is indeed undefined.

The _.isUndefined() method is a useful tool for checking whether a given value is undefined. It is particularly useful when dealing with variables that may be set to undefined in certain conditions.

Code explanation

  • const myValue = undefined; - This line declares a variable called myValue and sets it to undefined.
  • const isUndefined = _.isUndefined(myValue); - This line uses the _.isUndefined() method to check the value of the myValue variable.
  • console.log(isUndefined); - This line prints the result of the _.isUndefined() method to the console.

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