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nginxUsing if else condition

Here we use temporary $test variable to emulate if-else functionality as Nginx doesn't support else:

server {
  set $test "notok";
  if ($http_cookie ~* "session") {
    set $test "ok";
  if ($test = "ok") {
    return 200;
  if ( $test = "notok" ) {
    return 403;
}ctrl + c
set $test "notok"

set default value for $test variable

if ($http_cookie ~* "session")

condition which we need else functionality for

set $test "ok"

set ok value if condition is true

if ($test = "ok") {

this condition will repeat our original condition to check

if ( $test = "notok" ) {

this condition will pass if previous condition didn't pass - so the same as else functionality