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php-omnipayHow do I use the PHP Omnipay Validator?

The PHP Omnipay Validator is a library that allows developers to validate credit card numbers, expiration dates, and other details related to payments. It is built on top of the Omnipay library and can be used to validate payment details before submitting a payment request.

To use the PHP Omnipay Validator, you need to first install the library and include it in your project.

composer require omnipay/validator

Then you can create a new Validator instance, passing in the payment details as an array:

$validator = new Omnipay\Validator\Validator($paymentDetails);

You can then validate the payment details by calling the validate method:


If the payment details are valid, the validate method will return true; otherwise it will return false.

You can also access the validation errors by calling the getErrors method:

$errors = $validator->getErrors();

The getErrors method will return an array of validation errors, if any.

For more information, please refer to the PHP Omnipay Validator documentation.

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