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postgresqlHow can I convert XML data to a PostgreSQL table?

To convert XML data to a PostgreSQL table, you can use the PostgreSQL COPY command. COPY allows you to copy data between a file and a table.

For example, the following code block will copy data from an XML file and insert it into a PostgreSQL table:

COPY table_name FROM '/path/to/file.xml' WITH (FORMAT XML);

This command will read the XML data from /path/to/file.xml and insert it into the table table_name.

Code explanation

  • COPY table_name: This part specifies the name of the table you want to insert the data into.
  • FROM '/path/to/file.xml': This part specifies the path to the XML file you want to copy data from.
  • WITH (FORMAT XML): This part specifies the format of the data as XML.

For more information, see the PostgreSQL COPY documentation.

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