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postgresqlHow do I set the PostgreSQL work_mem parameter?

The work_mem parameter sets the amount of memory to be used by the server while performing internal operations such as sorting and hashing. To set this parameter, you can use the ALTER SYSTEM command.

For example, to set the work_mem parameter to 1MB, you can run the following command:

ALTER SYSTEM SET work_mem = '1MB';

The output of this command should be:


The parts of this command are:

  • ALTER SYSTEM: This command is used to modify the configuration parameters of the PostgreSQL server.
  • SET work_mem: This sets the value of the work_mem parameter.
  • '1MB': This is the value of the work_mem parameter. This can be any value between 1KB and 64MB.

For more information, please refer to the official PostgreSQL documentation.

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