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python-mysqlHow can I connect to MySQL using Python?

To connect to MySQL using Python, you need to use a library such as mysql.connector.

The following example code can be used to connect to a MySQL database and execute a query:

import mysql.connector

mydb = mysql.connector.connect(

mycursor = mydb.cursor()

mycursor.execute("SELECT * FROM customers")

myresult = mycursor.fetchall()

for x in myresult:

The output of the above code would be a list of all rows in the customers table.

The code consists of the following parts:

  1. import mysql.connector: This imports the mysql.connector library, which is used to connect to MySQL.

  2. mydb = mysql.connector.connect(host="localhost", user="user", passwd="password"): This creates a connection to the MySQL database. The host, user, and passwd parameters are used to specify the connection details.

  3. mycursor = mydb.cursor(): This creates a cursor object, which is used to execute queries.

  4. mycursor.execute("SELECT * FROM customers"): This executes the query to select all rows from the customers table.

  5. myresult = mycursor.fetchall(): This fetches all the results from the query.

  6. for x in myresult: print(x): This prints out the results of the query.

For more information, see the MySQL Connector/Python documentation.

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