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python-scipyHow can I use Python Scipy to zoom in on an image?

Python Scipy can be used to zoom in on an image by using the zoom() function. This function takes an array and a zoom factor as parameters and returns a zoomed array. The following example code zooms in on a sample image by a factor of two:

from scipy.ndimage import zoom
from scipy import misc

img = misc.face()
zoomed_img = zoom(img, 2)

The output of the above code is an array which contains the zoomed image.

Code explanation

  1. from scipy.ndimage import zoom: This imports the zoom function from the scipy.ndimage module.
  2. from scipy import misc: This imports the misc module from scipy.
  3. img = misc.face(): This stores the sample image in the img variable.
  4. zoomed_img = zoom(img, 2): This calls the zoom function with the img array and a zoom factor of two as parameters and stores the resulting array in the zoomed_img variable.

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