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scpHow to transfer files recursively using SCP?

SCP (Secure Copy Protocol) is a secure way to transfer files between two computers. To transfer files recursively using SCP, you can use the following command:

scp -r <source_folder> <username>@<hostname>:<destination_folder>

This command will recursively copy all files and folders from the <source_folder> to the <destination_folder> on the remote host.

Code explanation

  • scp: The command to initiate the SCP transfer
  • -r: The flag to indicate recursive transfer
  • <source_folder>: The path to the folder on the local machine to be transferred
  • <username>: The username of the remote host
  • <hostname>: The hostname or IP address of the remote host
  • <destination_folder>: The path to the folder on the remote host to which the files will be transferred

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