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sphinxsearchHow do I configure SphinxSearch using YAML?

Configuring SphinxSearch using YAML is a simple process. The following example code block shows a basic configuration:

  name: product_index
  type: sphinx
  source: product
  path: db/sphinx/product_index

This code block defines an index named product_index of type sphinx that will be sourced from the product table and stored in the db/sphinx/product_index directory.

The following list explains the parts of the code block:

  • index: the root element of the configuration
  • name: the name of the index
  • type: the type of index (in this case, sphinx)
  • source: the source table for the index
  • path: the directory where the index will be stored

For more information about configuring SphinxSearch using YAML, see the official documentation.

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