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amazon-redshiftHow can I use Grafana to monitor Amazon Redshift?

Grafana is a powerful open source analytics and monitoring platform that can be used to monitor Amazon Redshift. To use Grafana to monitor Amazon Redshift, you need to configure the data source and add a dashboard.

  1. Configure the data source:
    • Download and install the Grafana server
    • Install the Grafana Amazon Redshift plugin
    • Configure the data source in Grafana
      [Data Sources]
      > Add data source
      > Select Amazon Redshift
      > Enter the hostname, port, username, password, database name
  2. Add a dashboard:
    • Click the plus icon at the top of the left sidebar
    • Select the type of dashboard you want to create
    • Select the data source you just created
    • Create a query to retrieve the data you want to monitor
    • Configure the visualization elements and save the dashboard

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