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angularjsHow can I use AngularJS JQLite to manipulate the DOM?

JQLite is a subset of jQuery that is included in AngularJS and provides limited DOM manipulation functions for AngularJS applications. It can be used to perform basic DOM manipulation tasks like selecting elements, adding and removing elements, and handling events.

Example code

// Select element with id "myElement"
var element = angular.element(document.getElementById('myElement'));

// Add a class to the element

// Remove the element

The example code selects an element with an id of myElement, adds a class called myClass and then removes the element from the DOM.

Code explanation

  • angular.element(document.getElementById('myElement')) - This line selects the element with the id of myElement using the document.getElementById() method and wraps it in an AngularJS element object.

  • element.addClass('myClass') - This line adds the class myClass to the selected element.

  • element.remove() - This line removes the element from the DOM.

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