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angularjsHow can I use AngularJS to create animations?

AngularJS provides a powerful animation framework that can be used to create complex animations. The ngAnimate module provides support for CSS-based animations (keyframes and transitions) as well as JavaScript-based animations.

To create an animation using AngularJS, you need to include the ngAnimate module as a dependency in your application.

angular.module('myApp', ['ngAnimate']);

You can then define the animation in the CSS using keyframes or transitions.

@keyframes fadeIn {
  from { opacity: 0; }
  to   { opacity: 1; }

.fade-in {
  animation: fadeIn 2s;

You can then apply the animation to an element by adding the fade-in class to the element.

<div class="fade-in">This element will fade in</div>

The animation can be further customized by using the $animate service in the controller. The $animate service provides methods for triggering the animation, setting the duration, and adding a callback function.

$animate.addClass(element, 'fade-in', {
  duration: 1000,
  done: function(){
    // do something when the animation is complete

The animation can also be triggered by events in the controller.

$scope.openModal = function(){
  $animate.addClass(element, 'fade-in', {
    duration: 1000

For more information on creating animations with AngularJS, see the AngularJS Documentation.

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