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angularjsHow do I create a popover using AngularJS?

Creating a popover using AngularJS requires the use of the Angular UI Bootstrap library. This library provides a directive called uib-popover that can be used to create a popover.

Here is an example of how to use the uib-popover directive:

<button type="button" uib-popover="Popover Text" popover-title="Popover Title">Popover Button</button>

When the button is clicked, the popover will appear with the title "Popover Title" and the text "Popover Text".

The uib-popover directive has several parameters that can be used to customize the popover. These parameters include popover-title, popover-trigger, popover-placement, and popover-append-to-body.

For example, the popover-trigger parameter specifies the event that will trigger the popover. The following code snippet sets the trigger to mouseenter:

<button type="button" uib-popover="Popover Text" popover-title="Popover Title" popover-trigger="mouseenter">Popover Button</button>

Now when the mouse cursor enters the button, the popover will appear.

For more information on using the uib-popover directive, please refer to the Angular UI Bootstrap Popover documentation.

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