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angularjsHow do I format a date in AngularJS?

AngularJS provides a great way to format dates using the date filter. This filter can be used in HTML templates as well as in JavaScript code.

The general syntax for the date filter is as follows:

{{ expression | date : format : timezone }}
  • expression is the date object or a number (milliseconds since UTC epoch)
  • format is a string of tokens that represent the output format
  • timezone is an optional parameter that specifies the timezone to use

For example, to format a date object myDate to show the date in the format dd/MM/yyyy, we can use the following code:

{{ myDate | date : 'dd/MM/yyyy' }}

The output of the above code would be something like 10/07/2020.

The format parameter accepts a wide range of tokens that can be used to customize the output. A full list of supported tokens can be found here.

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