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backbone.jsHow can I implement best practices when using Backbone.js?

  1. Use Modular Code: Modular code helps to keep your code organized and easier to maintain. Break your code into separate modules and use require.js to manage dependencies.

  2. Use Views: Views are a great way to keep your code organized and your data separate from your UI. Use Backbone.View to create views and avoid putting too much logic in your views.

  3. Use Models: Models are a great way to store and manage data in Backbone.js. Use Backbone.Model to create models and Backbone.Collection to manage collections of models.

  4. Use Underscore Templating: Use Underscore templating to separate your HTML from your JavaScript logic. This will make your code easier to maintain and more readable.

<script type="text/template" id="template-name">
    <%= name %>

  var template = _.template($('#template-name').html());
  var html = template({name: "John Doe"});

Output example

<div>John Doe</div>
  1. Use Events: Events are a great way to decouple your code and keep your code organized. Use Backbone.Events to create and listen for events.

  2. Use Router: Use Backbone.Router to create routes and manage the state of your application.

  3. Use AMD: Use AMD to manage dependencies and keep your code organized.

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