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backbone.jsHow can I override a method using Backbone.js?

Backbone.js allows you to override a method by using the extend method. The extend method takes two parameters: the first parameter is the object that contains the new methods, and the second parameter is the object that contains the existing methods.

For example, if you wanted to override the fetch method of a Backbone Model, you could do the following:

var MyModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
  fetch: function(){
    console.log('fetching data...');

This would override the fetch method of the Backbone Model with the new fetch method defined above. The output of this code would be:

fetching data...

Code explanation

  • var MyModel - creates a variable to store the new model
  • Backbone.Model.extend - extends the Backbone Model with a new method
  • fetch - the new fetch method to override the existing one
  • console.log - logs a message to the console

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