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cli-sedHow can I use the command line to run a sed job?

The command line can be used to run a sed job by using the sed command. The syntax of the sed command is sed [options] script [input-file]. The script argument specifies the sed commands to be applied to the input file.

For example, the following command will replace the word dog with the word cat in the file input.txt and print the output to the terminal:

sed 's/dog/cat/g' input.txt

The output of the above command will be:

I have a cat.
My cat is white.

The sed command has several options that can be used to control its behavior. The -n option suppresses automatic printing of pattern space, and the -i option allows in-place editing of files.

The script argument is composed of one or more sed commands. The s command is used to search and replace text, and the d command is used to delete lines.

For more information on the sed command, see the following links:

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