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cli-sedHow do I use CLI sed to uninstall a module?

Using the sed command line interface (CLI) to uninstall a module involves using the -i option to make in-place edits to a file. The -i option takes a regular expression as an argument. This expression is used to find and replace specific parts of the file.

For example, to uninstall a module called mymodule, the following command can be used:

sed -i "/mymodule/d" /path/to/module/config.json

This command will delete any line containing the string mymodule from the file /path/to/module/config.json.

The parts of the command are:

  • sed - the command to run
  • -i - the option to make in-place edits
  • /mymodule/d - the regular expression to find and replace
  • /path/to/module/config.json - the file to edit

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