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cli-sedHow do I use sed to insert a new line in a command line interface?

Sed (stream editor) is a command line utility used to perform text transformations. It can be used to insert a new line in a command line interface (CLI).

For example, to insert a new line after the string "Hello World" in a text file called "test.txt", the following command can be used:

sed -i 's/Hello World/Hello World\n/' test.txt

The command above will produce the following output:

Hello World

The command consists of the following parts:

  • sed: The command to invoke the sed utility
  • -i: The option to edit the file in place
  • s/Hello World/Hello World\n/: The substitution command to replace the string "Hello World" with the string "Hello World" followed by a new line character (\n)
  • test.txt: The file to edit

For more information, see the GNU Sed Manual.

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