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cli-sedHow do I use the CLI sed command?

The sed command is a powerful command-line tool for manipulating text. It can be used to perform a variety of operations, such as searching and replacing, transforming, and transforming text.

To use the sed command, you need to specify the input file, the command, and the output file. Here's an example of how to use the sed command to replace all occurrences of the word "cat" with "dog" in a text file:

sed 's/cat/dog/g' input.txt > output.txt

The sed command has three parts:

  1. s - This is the command that tells sed to perform a substitution.
  2. cat - This is the pattern that sed will search for.
  3. dog - This is the replacement string that sed will use to replace the pattern.

The g flag at the end of the command tells sed to replace all occurrences of the pattern.

For more information on the sed command and its usage, see the GNU sed manual.

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