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cli-sedHow do I use the sed command in the command line interface?

The sed command is a powerful tool in the command line interface (CLI) that can be used to search, find, and replace strings in text files. It is a stream editor, meaning that it reads input from files or from the standard input, and writes output to the standard output.

For example, to replace the word dog with the word cat in the file animals.txt, the command would be:

sed 's/dog/cat/' animals.txt

The output of the command would be the file animals.txt with all instances of the word dog replaced with the word cat.

The command is composed of several parts:

  • sed: The command to invoke the stream editor
  • s/dog/cat/: The search and replace pattern, where s indicates search and replace, dog is the string to search for, and cat is the string to replace with
  • animals.txt: The file to be edited

For more information on sed and how to use it, please see the following links:

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