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cli-tarHow can I use the CLI to yield a tar file?

The CLI (Command Line Interface) can be used to create a tar file, which is a type of archive file that contains multiple files and folders. To do this, the tar command must be used.

The following example code will create a tar file called my_archive.tar from the contents of the folder my_folder.

tar -cvf my_archive.tar my_folder/

This command has four parts:

  • tar: the command to create a tar file
  • -cvf: the options used to create the tar file
    • -c: create a new archive
    • -v: verbose output
    • -f: specify the filename for the archive
  • my_archive.tar: the name of the tar file to be created
  • my_folder/: the path to the folder to be archived

The output of this command will be a list of the files and folders that were archived, similar to the following:


For more information, refer to the following links:

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