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cli-tarHow do I use the command line to tar and distribute files?

The command line utility tar is used to create, modify, and extract files from an archive. To tar and distribute files, you need to use the following command:

tar -cvf <archive_name>.tar <file_name>

This command will create a tar archive with the name <archive_name>.tar containing the file <file_name>. To distribute the tar archive, you can use a file transfer protocol like scp:

scp <archive_name>.tar <user>@<host>:<destination_path>

This command will copy the tar archive to the remote host specified by <user>@<host> and place it in the <destination_path>.

Parts of the command:

  • tar: A command line utility used for creating, modifying, and extracting files from an archive.
  • -cvf: Options for the tar command. -c creates a new archive, -v displays the progress of the archive creation, and -f specifies the name of the archive.
  • <archive_name>.tar: The name of the tar archive to be created.
  • <file_name>: The name of the file to be added to the archive.
  • scp: A command line utility used to securely copy files between hosts.
  • <user>@<host>: The remote host to which the tar archive should be copied.
  • <destination_path>: The path on the remote host where the tar archive should be placed.

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