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cli-tarHow do I open a tar file in Unix?

To open a tar file in Unix, you can use the tar command.

The basic syntax is:

tar -xvf <filename>.tar

Where -x means to extract, -v means verbose (to show the progress of the operation) and -f means to specify the filename.

For example, if you have a tar file named my_file.tar, you can open it with the following command:

tar -xvf my_file.tar

The output should look something like this:

x my_file/
x my_file/file1.txt
x my_file/file2.txt

The command will extract all the files and folders from the tar file into the current directory.

If you want to extract the files into a specific directory, you can use the -C option. For example:

tar -xvf my_file.tar -C /path/to/destination/

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