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cli-tarHow do I use tar.bz2 to compress files in a Unix environment?

To compress files in a Unix environment using tar.bz2, the following command should be used:

tar -cjvf [archive_name].tar.bz2 [file_name]

This command will create a compressed file named [archive_name].tar.bz2 containing the file [file_name].

  1. tar: The Unix command for creating, modifying, and extracting files from an archive.
  2. -c: Create a new archive.
  3. -j: Use bzip2 compression.
  4. -v: Verbose mode.
  5. -f: Specify the name of the archive.
  6. [archive_name]: The name of the archive to be created.
  7. [file_name]: The file to be compressed and added to the archive.

If the command is successful, the following output will be displayed:

adding: [file_name] (deflated 69%)

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