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cli-tarHow do I create a Unix tar archive with a password?

Creating a Unix tar archive with a password is done using the tar command in combination with the gpg command.

The following example code will create a tar archive named archive.tar and encrypt it with a password password:

tar -cvf archive.tar file1 file2
gpg -c --cipher-algo AES256 archive.tar

The output of the command should be:

Enter passphrase:
Repeat passphrase:

The code has the following parts:

  1. tar -cvf archive.tar file1 file2: This creates a tar archive named archive.tar containing the files file1 and file2.
  2. gpg -c --cipher-algo AES256 archive.tar: This command encrypts the tar archive archive.tar using the AES256 algorithm and prompts the user for a passphrase.

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