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cli-tarHow do I use the tar command in Windows command line?

The tar command is a useful tool for archiving files and directories in Windows command line. It is available as part of the GNUWin32 project, which provides a port of many GNU utilities for Windows.

To use tar in the Windows command line, the tar.exe executable must be added to the system PATH. Once the executable is added to the PATH, tar can be used by typing tar followed by the options and arguments.

For example, to create an archive of the C:\mydir directory, the following command can be used:

tar -cf mydir.tar C:\mydir

This will create a tar archive named mydir.tar in the current directory.

To extract the contents of an archive, the -x option can be used, as in:

tar -xf mydir.tar

This will extract the contents of mydir.tar into the current directory.

Other useful options include -z to compress the archive with gzip, -j to compress the archive with bzip2, and -v to list the files as they are added or extracted from the archive.

For more information about the tar command, see the GNU tar manual.

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