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elasticsearchHow can I configure the timeout for an Elasticsearch query?

The timeout for an Elasticsearch query can be configured by setting the request_timeout parameter. This parameter is set in the request body of the query and is specified in milliseconds.

For example, the following query sets the timeout to 5 seconds:

POST /my_index/_search
    "request_timeout": 5000

The request_timeout parameter can also be set globally using the search.request.timeout setting in the elasticsearch.yml configuration file.

The following list explains the parts of the code example:

  • POST - The HTTP verb used to send the query.
  • /my_index/_search - The endpoint of the query.
  • request_timeout - The parameter used to set the timeout.
  • 5000 - The value of the timeout in milliseconds.

For more information, please see the Elasticsearch documentation.

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