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elasticsearchHow can I use regular expressions with Elasticsearch?

Regular expressions (regex) can be used in Elasticsearch to search for patterns in strings. The regexp query can be used to match a regular expression against all fields in a document or against a specific field.

Example code block:

GET /_search
    "query": {
        "regexp": {
            "title": ".*Elastic.*"

This example will return all documents that contain the string "Elastic" in the title field.

The regexp query has several parameters that can be used to refine the search:

  • flags - This parameter allows you to set flags for the regular expression. For example, flags can be set to "ALL" to enable case-insensitive matching.
  • max_determinized_states - This parameter allows you to set the maximum number of states that can be generated for the regular expression.
  • rewrite - This parameter allows you to specify how the regular expression should be rewritten.

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