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elasticsearchHow can I use the Elasticsearch DSL to build custom search queries?

The Elasticsearch DSL (Domain Specific Language) is a powerful query language for creating custom search queries. It provides a simple, powerful syntax for constructing complex queries.

Here is an example of a query using the Elasticsearch DSL:

GET /_search
    "query": {
        "match": {
            "title": "Elasticsearch"

This query will return all documents that have the word "Elasticsearch" in the title field.

The parts of the query are:

  • GET - The HTTP method used to execute the query
  • /_search - The endpoint that is used to execute the query
  • query - The query clause that contains the search criteria
  • match - The type of query used to match documents
  • title - The field that is matched against the query
  • Elasticsearch - The query string that is used to match documents

For more information on the Elasticsearch DSL, please see the Elasticsearch documentation.

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