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google-big-queryHow do I use Google Big Query with Excel?

Using Google BigQuery with Excel is relatively straightforward. To get started, you'll need to install the Google BigQuery Excel Add-In, which can be found here. Once installed, open Excel and you should see a new tab called "BigQuery" appear.

To connect to BigQuery, you'll need to authenticate with your Google account. To do this, click the "Connect" button on the BigQuery tab. You'll be prompted to log in with your Google account. Once you've logged in, you can start running queries directly from Excel.

For example, to query the public dataset bigquery-public-data.usa_names.usa_1910_2013, you could enter the following query into the "Query" box:

SELECT name, count
FROM `bigquery-public-data.usa_names.usa_1910_2013`
WHERE gender = 'M'

The resulting output would look like this:

name    count
John    9655
William 9532
James   5927
George  4454
Charles 4395
Robert  4261
Joseph  2657
Frank   2146
Edward  2090
Thomas  2060

The query statement consists of the following parts:

  • SELECT - this specifies the columns from the dataset that you want to return in the result.
  • FROM - this specifies the dataset from which you want to retrieve the data.
  • WHERE - this is an optional clause that allows you to filter the data based on certain criteria.
  • LIMIT - this is an optional clause that allows you to limit the number of results returned.

Once you have the results of your query, you can use Excel's built-in features to analyze and visualize the data.

For more information on using BigQuery with Excel, please refer to the BigQuery documentation.

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